Father of Miguel Hidalgo Mayor Threatens Property Inspector with Knife

Photo: Wu Yi/Unsplash


Daniel Tabe — owner of the Don Eraki chain of taco restaurants in Mexico City, and father of Mauricio Tabe, mayor of the Miguel Hidalgo borough in the capital — threatened José Enrique Reyes, an official of the Administrative Verification Institute (INVEA) of Mexico City, with a long kitchen knife on Tuesday, Sept. 27.

Reyes, who was with his team of property inspectors, had just put up a “suspension of activities” sign at Daniel Tabe’s restaurant in the Escandón neighborhood of Mexico City, when Tabe pulled out a knife and held it close to the inspector’s neck. Video clips of the incident were posted on various social media networks.

Hours after the incident, the restaurateur posted a video apology on Twitter. Reyes, on the other hand, has filed a complaint for assault.

“I am very sorry for my conduct today. It was never my intention to hurt someone. I felt very angry that my business was closed down,” said Daniel Tabe.

The Don Eraki branch in the Escandón neighborhood opened on Aug. 18, amid complaints of land-use violations. In particular, Leiticia Magallanes Cisneros, a resident of the area, filed a complaint against the construction of the restaurant, which was presumably built on residential land where only the construction of family homes is allowed.

For his part, Mauricio Tabe of the conservative National Action Party (PAN), accused the Mexico City government of intimidation against his family — particularly the closure of his father’s restaurant.

“This was an act of provocation and intimidation against my family,” he said in a Twitter video. “I will not remain silent in the face of intimidation, attacks and provocation.”

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