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Smooth, a new hi-tech, android-interfaced smartphone company, began operations in Mexico on Friday, Sept. 23, offering innovative mobile telephony devices at affordable prices.

Smooth offers a variety of mobile phones with 3G coverage and quick, reliable after-sale service to ensure dependable connectivity both throughout Mexico and internationally.

With smartphones starting as low as 2,000 pesos, Smooth provides resilient devices with sleek, light-weight designs, as well as round-the-clock technical advice.

Already available in seven other Latin American nations, including in Venezuela, Belize, Nicaragua, Colombia, Ecuador, Guatemala, El Salvador and Mexico. Smooth has a proven track record for product efficiency and customer service.

The brand was first developed six years ago by Venezuelan industrial engineer Daniel González, who wanted to make smart phones accessible to people on limited budgets.

During a press conference in Mexico City last week to introduce the new devices, González said that simplicity of form, affordable prices and dependability were the company’s three guiding objectives.

“Definitely, the price of our cell phones is one of their biggest attractions, and we even offer credit to facilitate sales,”González said.

“But having a phone that you know you can rely on is just as important, so that is why we have strived to make them so dependable and to create a network of over 250 distributors that are there to help in case of any issues.”

Smooth also works with different carriers that serve as points of sale with customers.

“A key element for the success of any emerging brand is after-sales service,” added Jesús Vallejo, head of Smooth post-sale customer service.

“So we have a response time of three days on repairs or other problems, because we have a good stock of parts and we are up to date on software updates.”

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