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Dear Caroline,

It’s not my real name, but you can call me Eliza, I am 30 and I would really love to meet someone special. I don’t do bars and clubs, I tried taking an additional college class, but there were mostly women and older students there. Any ideas?


Dear Eliza,

I want you to remember this advice, so I’m giving you a simple acronym: D.A.T.E.

Divulge. Tell your friends, coworkers, relatives  and even a few trusted classmates you’re interested in meeting someone special. One of them might just introduce you to the man of your dreams.

Aim. Put yourself in a “target-rich zone.” Is your ideal man athletic, intellectual, civic-minded, artistic, spiritual? Frequent events and locations where your type of men hang out. You might even consider volunteering, getting an additional part-time job, taking lessons or joining a club.

Talk. Get in the habit of breaking the ice.
 Shopping? Ask a guy for his opinion on a potential purchase.
 Walking? “Accidentally” drop something near a promising prospect. Smile and tell him he’s a gentleman for picking it up. Heading for the park? Your dog, his dog or a friend’s dog you offer to walk can be a great excuse to say  “hello.” Up for opinions? Carry a book with an unusual title, wear a wild hat or don a thought-provoking graphic tee.

Enchant. Always be the star in your life story. Begin each day believing something wonderful will happen. Up the odds by looking good, feeling deeply, thinking straight and communicating well.

Wishing you love, or at least limerence, by New Year’s Eve.


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