Photo: National Electoral Institute


As Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador (AMLO) continues to promote his Nov. 27 Mexico City march in favor of the his controversial electoral reform, opponents of AMLO’s proposed changes to Mexico’s autonomous electoral organization the National Electoral Institute (INE) – who already showed up in an estimated 500,000-plus strong turnout at the Nov. 13 Mexico City demonstration against the initiative – have announced they will spend the day of López Obrador’s Nov. 27 parade decked out in all pink and white in a show of visible support for both  the INE and Mexican democracy.

The new campaign began on Sunday, Nov. 20, with high-profile INE supporters such as Claudio X. González,  Amado Avendaño, Fernando Belaunzarán, and Guadalupe Acosta Naranjo posting the call for citizens to wear pink and white on the day of AMLO’s demonstration across their social media accounts.

Rather than show up in protest to the march, the public figures urged their followers to simply don the INE’s colors while going about their daily lives as a peaceful and organized protest in favor of the electoral institute.

“To the absurd and revengeful provocation of the powerful, we are going to respond with intelligence and civility,” wrote Belaunzarán. “On Sunday, Nov. 27, let’s dress in pink and white, the colors of the INE. And let’s have our normal life.”

On Nov. 27, just dress in pink and white, and lead your normal life, go eat, go out, go to the movies, go to mass … whatever you do normally, but dress in pink and white,” wrote former Mexican President Vicente Fox on his public Twitter account. “Maybe AMLO will fill the zócalo, we will paint all the cities and all sides of a pink tide.”

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