Photo: La Michoacana


There may be no chilled beer at the Soccer World Cup Stadiums in Qatar, but there are plenty of cold La Michoacana popsicles in the United Arab Emirates (UAE).

La Michoacana CEO Rubén Jimenez announced Friday, Nov. 18, that Mexico’s famous  popsicles and fresh brand is expanding their reach to Dubai.

Jiménez went on to state that he was “very excited about this new challenge” and that he was proud to “raise the Mexican flag high in the UAE.”

La Michoacana already has concessionary branches in the United States and Guatemala.

La Michoacana’s history dates back to the late 1930s and early 1940s to the town of Tocumbo, in the central Mexican state of Michoacán.

There, Don Rafael Malfavón had a pushcart business where he would sell his homemade frozen treats out of seasonal fruits.

As his frozen confections became more popular, and demand rose, Malfavón started teaching other locals how to make the sweet treats, and so the pushcart business grew until the vendors started to become brick-and-mortar businesses, taking on the name “La Michoacana.”

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