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There’s nothing fast about Mexican designer Jaime Ibiza’s fashion.

It is a labored and deliberate act of love that translates into timeless style and understated elegance.

Mexican handbag designer Jaime Ibiza. Pulse News Mexico photo/Melissa T. Castro

And that is exactly the message conveyed in his new three-minute video, “Talismán,” which he premiered on Wednesday, Nov. 23, to a standing-room-only crowd of fans and aficionados at the Lomas Linda restaurant in Mexico City’s upscale Plaza Carso.

The video, filmed in Lyon, France, is a synopsis of Ibiza’s lifelong mission: to create affordable, cruelty-free, easy-breezy handbags for contemporary women around the globe — handbags that will endure the test of time, both in terms of durability and style.

With an intercutting of images of Ibiza himself, cigar in hand, seated on a river boat cruising the Rhone, talking about what his purses have meant to him over the years, and clips of models displaying his latest handbags, the video is not a presentation of the designer’s latest collection, but rather a tribute to each and every accessory the brand has released since its founding 12 years ago.

“I chose the name Talisman because I am convinced that each of these bags is an amulet for the women who carry it,” Ibiza said, adding that a purse can be a woman’s most intimate external form of expression as well as the treasure trove of her deepest secrets and most cherished possessions.

Born in Guadalajara and son and grandson to local master leather ateliers, Ibiza branched out from the family business in 2010 with his own brand of ultra-chic clutches, totes and satchels that exude modern refinement and upbeat originality.

And within the scope of just one decade, Ibiza managed to catapult his innovative brand into the global market, helping to make the “Made in Mexico” label synonymous with dernier cri and uncompromised craftmanship.

From whimsical, carefree purses adorned with cartoon characters (Snoopy, Disney and Loony Tunes images) to opulently classic quilted frame bags that can comfortably transition from day to night, Ibiza has consistently incorporated the richness of Mexican indigenous culture into his voguish designs, while at the same time keeping pace with current global trends.

And while he has adapted his more than 200 bag designs to accommodate the demands of modern practicalities (lots of compartments for organization, easy-to-clean vegan surfaces that won’t stain), his impeccable commitment to detail gives each of his purses a sophisticated polish that makes the Ibiza brand a favorite of handbag zealots both in and out of Mexico.

Ibiza’s lavish use of opulent gold metallic clasps and trim, along with his signature cloverleaf crest and tassels, have always given his bags a well-appointed touch of style, and his unabashed use of color and textures have distinguished them as must-buy arm candy for the obsessive fashionista and stand-out, statement-making silhouettes.

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