Lincoln Park, in Miguel Hidalgo’s high-end Colonia Polanco, is a popular venue among both Mexicans and foreigners. Photo: Google


Mauricio Tabe, mayor of Mexico City’s Miguel Hidalgo municipality and member of the conservative opposition party National Action Party (PAN), denounced Mexico’s state-run Federal Electricity Commission (CFE) on Twitter early Wednesday, Nov. 30, claiming that the CFE had used false claims of outstanding bills to justify the power cut.

Tabe said that all electric bills for the park had been paid in full, and that the CFE has suspended service to the park as a way of “inconveniencing residents.”

“The CFE did not even issue a notice,” Tabe wrote in his tweet.

“All of the municipality’s electric bills have been paid in full, and by cutting the power in the park, the CFE is putting residents in danger.”

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