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To the chagrin of many and the satisfaction of others, Mexico City’s long-awaited 2022-2023 bullfighting season has been suspended permanently, the country’s largest bull ring, Plaza México, announced Wednesday, Nov. 30.

In a written statement, Plaza México said that the season had been canceled “due to a definitive suspension granted by a judge against bullfighting in the country’s capital.”

The statement went on to say that while Plaza México and other interested parties had presented arguments justifying the sport as part of the nation’s historical cultural heritage, the judge had refused to reconsider the Mexico City ban on bullfighting.

In May of this year, a Mexico City judge ruled that bullfighting was an “inhumane” practice and could not be condoned inside the nation’s capital.

Notwithstanding, one month later, the Mexican Supreme Court of Justice (SCJN) issued a ruling that while the sport may be inhumane, it is not illegal and therefore the Mexico City judgment would not apply to other states in the country.

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