Photo: Netflix


Three Mexican men who were sentenced to 50 years in prison in a trial allegedly full of irregularities, documented by Netflix in its production “Reasonable Doubt,” are about to be set free as a result of the streaming platform.

After the documentary was aired in Mexico, the Mexican Supreme Court (SCJN) has ordered the release of Héctor Muñoz Muñoz, Gonzalo García Hernández and Juan Luis López García, imprisoned since 2015 on aggravated attempted kidnapping charges.

The ruling, presented by SCJN Justice Alfredo Gutiérrez condemns, with unusual severity, the actions of the Tabasco Superior Court of Justice for having violated the rights of the accused to the presumption of innocence and the 2018 sentencing of the defendants without credible evidence against them.

“This case exhibits such a patent insufficiency of evidence that the defense could not have offered an alternative theory of the facts,” Gutiérrez said in a statement when the ruling was announced.

“The Prosecutor’s Office did not gather the evidentiary elements of its accusation.”

The defendants were arrested in June 2015, after a traffic incident in Macuspana, Tabasco, when the driver of the other vehicle, a rancher, claimed that they had tried to kidnap him.

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