Photo: International Commission on Missing Persons


On average, 26 people vanish in Mexico each day, 68.17 percent of whom are never found, according to the human rights activist organization National Search Commission (CNB).

The issue has, the CNB said, become a national crisis which has been “normalized and for which there is no prevention plan by the current administration.”

Mexico, in the first four years of the administration of leftist President Andrés Manuel López Obrador (AMLO), the commission said, has already reached the figure of 37,000 disappearances, while in the first four years of his predecessor Enrique Peña Nieto there were 15,000 disappearances.

“This six -year period has already broken the record of disappeared persons from all previous governments because it has not wanted to look at the root of why the disappearances happen,” warned Michael Chamberlin of the Mexican Institute for Human Rights and Democracy.

Just weeks before the end 2022, the number of disappearances in Mexico for this year stands at 16,644 people, of which 8,447 continue unlocated, according to CNB data.

According to the CNB, 68.17 percent of the nation’s missing are male and 31.76 percent are female.

The states with the highest numbers of missing people this year were Mexico City, with 1,213 cases; the State of Mexico, with 907; Veracruz, with 556; Nuevo León, with 474:, and Zacatecas, with 403.

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