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Dear Caroline,

For the past two years, I have run a Facebook group for our neighborhood. It’s a place where neighbors can share important news and events, buy and sell furniture, and celebrate personal milestones. I enjoy using this form of social media to help keep our little community close-knit. Two weeks ago, however, a new woman in the group posted a photo of herself in shorts and a halter top and stated that she was single and hoped to meet a gentleman who would teach her to play golf. Several men posted to say they had privately messaged her. I was annoyed. I wanted to ban her from the group. I’m not running a dating site! My husband told me I was being silly, which started an argument. What do you think of a woman who would post a desire to learn golf as an excuse to meet men?

…Not Silly in San Antonio

Dear Not Silly,

I think she’s resourceful. I admire her moxie and hope she finds a hunk who’ll wrap his arms around her and help her perfect her swing. Now stop arguing with your husband about that Facebook post and let him wrap his arms around you.

Here’s to the happiness of communities everywhere!


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