Smoking Banned in All Public Places in Mexico

Photo: Google


As of Sunday, Jan. 15, smoking tobacco in public places is now illegal across Mexico.

The new ordinance applies to schools, theaters, restaurants, bars, hotels, stadiums, shopping malls, beaches and parks.

The ban also applies to areas of public access, closed spaces, all workplaces and all public transportation, as well as areas within a 100-meter range of the entrance to a public building or workplace.

The new law likewise makes it illegal to display any advertising for cigarettes or other tobacco- or nicotine-based products in public places such as schools or stores, including at points of sale, although a written list with the description and prices of tobacco products can be displayed.

There is also a provision for some specific areas for smoking, such as in hotels for guests, which should be located only in outdoor spaces.

According to Mexico’s National Commission against Addictions (Conadic), the new regulations will help to protect the general population against exposure to tobacco smoke and its emissions, which have been proven to be dangerous to health.


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