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Dear Caroline,

I’ve fallen in love with a guy who is the man of my dreams in every way except one. His lovemaking doesn’t excite me. He’s handsome, fit and caring. He just doesn’t seem to have a clue about what he’s doing in the bedroom.

What can I do about this?

…Dissatisfied in Durango

Dear Dissatisfied,

Don’t worry. It’s much easier to bring out the tiger in a shy guy than it is to tame a Casanova.

When it comes to el amor, men are happy to be of service, but they’re not clairvoyant.

Next time you’re in the dark, gently give him instructions and little positive reinforcements whenever he does something right. Whisper. It’s sexier. Play to his masculine pride, and make sure he feels just as comfortable revealing his desires to you.

Start today. Once a man is set up for success, everybody wins.

Here’s to your new adventure in tutoring.


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