Air Travel


Ma’am, your passport expired yesterday

How did you not see?

And why are you at the airport?

Your flight is in a week

We need to dispose of this cream, next time check our website

The weather has become treacherous

You can only fly tonight

Time for passengers to deplane

You can book another flight


Oy oy oy and also vey

(May your travels never be this way)


The pilot is rested

You’re upgraded to first class

You get ginger ale and peanuts

And don’t even have to ask

Crisp clear weather, pleasant smiling crew

Nary a snoring passenger

Resting right beside you

No turbulence of any sort

Nor difficult delay


Safe flight, dear traveler

(May you always travel this way!)

Originally from New York City but currently living in Toronto, Canada, CHANA PERMAN is a Jewish poet, mother and learning strategies instructor. She holds a Master’s Degree in special education, and has worked in that field for 25 years. Her cherished roles as mother, teacher and guidance consultant provide inspiration and material for her writing, both prose and poetry.

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