Photo: Yutong


According to a report published in the Mexican daily newspaper Reforma, the administration of Mexico City Governor Claudia Sheinbaum purchased 102 electric trolleybuses late last year from Chinese automaker Yutong at a price that was 93 million pesos more expensive than a Mexican competitor, and, in addition, failed to meet some bidding requirements for the contract.

The Reforma report stated that Yutong, which is headquartered in Zhengzhou, China, won the contract in 2022 for a sum of 1,217,37,931 pesos.

Meanwhile, the Mexican firm Hidromex, based out of the State of Mexico, had offered to produce the same trolleybuses for 93 million pesos less, and Hydromex had complied with all qualifying criteria.

Yutong was asked at that time by the Mexico City government to present two previous contracts for the sale of the 18-meter electric trolleybuses, but only complied with one such contract.

Also, Yutong violated a contractual commitment to deliver detailed information on the trolleybuses in digital format and did not present a cost breakdown of its expenditures.

Hidromex fulfilled all bidding requirements for the tender, but, according to Hidromex representatives, the Mexican company’s offer was ignored by the Mexico City authorities.

Yutong won the contract, despite failing to comply with tender requirements and the fact that its proposal was 93 million pesos more expensive than that of Hidromex.


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