Autopsy Shows California Lawyer Murdered in Baja

Deceased California Public Defender Elliot Blair, who died mysteriously after falling from a balcony in a Baja California resort on Jan. 14. Photo: Facebook


A private autopsy of the remains of the California lawyer who fell to his death mysteriously from the balcony of the luxury Las Rocas Resort and Spa in Rosarito Beach, Baja California, on Jan. 14 has determined that he was, in fact, murdered.

California Public Defender Elliot Blair — whose death had been ruled by Baja California authorities to be an accident — suffered bruising that did not match the account of local authorities in Baja California, the family’s attorney, Case Barnett, said Thursday, Feb. 9, during a television interview.

“The autopsy confirms that he, Elliot Blair, was murdered that night,” Barnett said,

Barnett also said that the evidence suggests that Blair may have been attacked by more than one person.

According to Blair family sources, two local police officers in Rosarito stopped Blair and his wife, Kimberly Williams, after they had failed to stop at a stop sign just hours before he died.

Barnett said that Blair didn’t have the amount of money that the police demanded during the alleged shakedown, but handed over about $160 to the officers, who then allowed the couple to leave.

“We had never been pulled over before,” said Williams, who confirmed the confrontation with the police to ABC News Thursday in her first interview since her husband’s death.

Less than two hours later, Blair, 33, an Orange County deputy public defender, died after falling from the third floor of the hotel.

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