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Mexico City’s Popular Art Museum (MAP) is slated to open on Wednesday, Feb. 22, an exclusive new collection of modern and pre-Columbian indigenous art donated by the family of Anne Marie Lampe, who immigrated to Mexico decades ago from the Netherlands.

The Lampe family has over the years collected and donated both artisan and classic artifacts to various museums across the country. It has also loaned pieces to the MAP on previous occasions.

The collection donated to the MAP is composed most of huipils (traditional indigenous gowns for women) and other textiles, but also includes several early Toltec and Aztec artifacts.

The MAP is located at Revillagigedo 11, on the corner of Independencia in Mexico City’s Centro Histórico.

The Lampe exhibit, which will now form part of the MAP’s collection, will remain on display through May 7.

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