Peruvian President Dina Boluarte. Photo: Google


Just two months after declaring Mexico’s diplomatic envoy to Lima persona non grata and giving him 72 hours to leave the country, Peruvian President Dina Boluarte recalled her own ambassador to Mexico indefinitely on Friday, Feb. 24, after Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador (AMLO) called her government “unconstitutional.”

López Obrador, a close friend and political ally of Peru’s ousted president, Pedro Castillo, has repeatedly called his deposition, which was based on accusations of abuse of power and authoritarianism, “illegal.”

The Boluarte administration has deemed AMLO’s unsolicited comments as “unacceptable interference” in Peru’s internal affairs.

Castillo, to whom AMLO wanted to grant political asylum, is currently in prison in Lima facing charges of rebellion and conspiracy after he unsuccessfully tried to dissolve Congress in order to stop an impeachment vote against him.

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