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My Missing Ring


My ring
My ring
My ring
Missing, missing, missing
The one I really loved
(that went with everything)
“Let it be a kaporah!”
they solemnly declare
(yet I keep on hoping…
maybe I’ll find it … here?

I don’t know where to look
for this item round and small
By now it’s in outer space
I wouldn’t be surprised at all
A dazzling gold flower
with diamond chips that shine
Whoosh, it disappeared
(Can I still call it mine?)
I’m sure I won’t/will find it
So I keep searching/letting it be
File under: Great Mystery
(and maybe time for new jewelry?)

Originally from New York City but currently living in Toronto, Canada, CHANA PERMAN is a Jewish poet, mother and learning strategies instructor. She holds a master’s degree in special education, and has worked in that field for 25 years. Her cherished roles as mother, teacher and guidance consultant provide inspiration and material for her writing, both prose and poetry.

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