Thousands Boogie to Springtime Rhythms at Mexico City Zócalo

Photo: Mexico City Secretariat of Culture


Mexico City’s downtown Zócalo was transformed into a giant disco party on the night of Saturday, March 25, when more than 200,000 people turned the 46,800-square-meter plaza into a massive public dance hall.

A hodgepodge of participating bands and musical groups of all genres presented a nonstop medley of rock, pop, rap, blues, jazz and bolero beats to help attendees of all ages to trip the light fantastic in a communal celebration of the first days of spring.

In total, there were more than 400 artists that participated in the springtime jubilee, which was organized by Mexico City’s Culture Secretariat as a come-one-come-all open party of music, art and gastronomic delights.

According to Mexico City government sources, the night constituted the largest dance party in the capital’s history.

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