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Dear Caroline, 

I just broke off an intense six-month romance. It started like a storybook, but after the first few weeks, not only did she start mistreating me, but I had begun to feel like a wallet instead of a man. I know leaving her was the right decision, yet I still find myself missing her and wanting to call her.

What can I do?

…Dreaming in Durango

Dear Dreaming, 

Get a pen and paper. Make an unsparing list of all the reasons you left her.

Keep that list handy and read it to yourself at least three times a day until your heart catches up with your mind. If you’re alone, read it out loud.

You might even send a copy of that list to one of your closest friends. People who are having a difficult time with their romantic partner tend to gloss things over, or even flat out lie to save face, perpetuate their fantasies and stay involved. It wouldn’t hurt for you to get some objective input.

If you haven’t already, drop all social media connections to her, delete her number and don’t pass by her home.

If she’s as opportunistic as you described, most likely she has already moved on to her next wallet. Time for you to close that door behind you and move on too.

Wishing you renewed resolve,


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