Peru Declares López Obrador Persona Non Grata

Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador. Photo: Google


The government of Peru declared Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador (AMLO) persona non grata on Monday, May 22, after he continued to verbally attack President Dina Boluarte, calling her “illegitimate” and insisting that her predecessor, Pedro Castillo, who was ousted from office for trying to dissolve that country’s congress in December of last year, is the country’s only legitimate head of state.

López Obrador has also adamantly refused to turn over the rotating presidency of the Pacific Alliance to Peru, which he was supposed to relinquish in November.

In a majority vote Monday, Peru’s Foreign Relations Commission approved a motion to reject the statements of López Obrador and declare him persona non grata, meaning that he is unwelcome in that country.

The commission said that AMLO would not be allowed to enter Peru because of “his repeated interference in Peruvian affairs and his refusal to hand over the leadership of the Pacific Alliance.”

In addition, the commission said that the “unacceptable” statements by López Obrador constitute “once again a violation of the principle of noninterference” and of “international law” to the detriment of Peru.

True to form, AMLO, who has a reputation for offensive diplomatic relations, told reporters in Mexico Monday that he was “proud to be unwelcome in Peru.”

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