Chihuahua Designer’s New Collection Pays Homage to Indigenous Roots

Pulse News Mexico photo/Thérèse Margolis


Mexican fashion designer Paola Hinojos paid homage to the indigenous Tarahumara culture of her native Chihuahua in her latest collection Arewá, which was presented Tuesday, May 23, at the newly opened Mondrian Hotel in Mexico City’s Colonia Condesa.

Pulse News Mexico photo/Thérèse Margolis

The dramatic collection of contrasting robust colors and unexpected fabric combinations (including bulky leathers and transparent laces) draws on the Tarahumara arewá concept that an internal spirit propels the human soul and is the force of all life.

Hinojos first introduced her iconoclastic Bernarda brand in 2017 and has consistently incorporated Mexican fabrics and patterns into her designs.

Her new collection, which was accessorized by casual leather sandals and cowboy boots from Mexican footwear design house Cuadra during the Mondrian catwalk, includes more than 30 ensembles that run the gamut from body-hugging silhouettes of see-through croqueted mesh to abundantly flowing satin tent gowns adorned with oversized leather capes.

Long trains of leather fringes and indigenous embroidery also prevail in this no-holds-barred, mix-and-match line of dresses, skirts, mini-shorts, jackets, vests and T-shirts proclaiming “Run like a Rumámuri” (the name used by the indigenous Tarahumara people — known for their extraordinary racing abilities — to identify themselves).

During the presentation of the Arewá collection, Hinojos said the some of the proceeds from the sale of the new collection will go to support Rumámuri women.




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