Mexican Gymnast Wins Gold at Pan American Games

Mexican Olympic gymnast Alexa Moreno. Photo: Google


Mexico’s national women’s gymnastics team at the Pan American Games in Medellín, Colombia, raised the Mexican flag high on Saturday, May 27, when Mexicali Olympian Alexa Moreno sealed its pathway to the World Cup in Belgium and the Pan American Games in Chile with a gold in the jump competition.

Moreno was the first medal winner for Mexico in a Gymnastics World Cup, beating out the United States’ Joscelyn Roberson, who took home the silver.

The Mexican team earned a total score of 159,099, placing above Canada, Brazil and Argentina, but finishing below the United States.

The Mexican women’s gymnastics team is composed of Moreno, Natalia Escalera, Ahtziri Sandoval, Cassandra Loustalot, Paulina Campos and Grays Briceño.

Moreno, 28, is going for more top-level competitions this year in preparation for what would be her third Olympic Games if she attends Paris 2024.

She will play the Central American Games in July, the World Cup in Belgium in October and the Pan American Games in Chile, which also start in October and end in November.

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