Russian Embassy Claims Kiev Sending Weapons to Tamaulipas Cartels

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Just as President Andrés Manuel López Obrador (AMLO) was accusing Mexican journalist and political analyst Denise Dresser of meddling and “trying to polarize” the war in Ukraine by having conducted an interview with that nation’s president, Volodymyr Zelenskyy, the Russian Embassy in Mexico released a statement on Friday, June 2, claiming that Ukraine is sending weapons to Mexican cartels in the northern border state of Tamaulipas.

The Russian Embassy accused what it called “corrupt Ukrainian officials” of sending the arms, supplied by the West, to various other parts of the world, including Mexico, specifically to Tamaulipas.

“We would like to draw your attention to the (presumably) Swedish-American made AT4 anti-tank rocket launcher, which was carried by a representative of one of the Mexican cartels in the state of Tamaulipas,” the embassy said in a tweet.

“These types of weapons are actively being shipped to Ukraine.”

One week earlier, a video — purported also released by Russia — circulated on social networks showing a young man, an alleged member of a Mexican criminal group, wearing a bulletproof vest with the figure of a scorpion.

In that video, the man is seen wearing a leg brace, carrying an AK-47 machine gun and an AT-4 rocket launcher on his right shoulder and moving toward a vehicle where there are several other men, presumably somewhere in Tamaulipas, although there was no evidence that collaborated the alleged location.

“As long as the West continues to mindlessly supply weapons to the Kiev regime and make a lot of money from this business, we will no doubt see the consequences of these actions in Mexico,” the embassy statement said.

Russia, which invaded Ukraine in February 2022 and has waged a nonstop brutal war on its citizens ever since, has consistently received a tacit nod of approval from the leftist López Obrador administration, which had refused to condemn Moscow for its illegal aggression against Ukraine.

“It has long been clear to everyone that corrupt Ukrainian officials have established supply channels for weapons received from the West to the global black market, which, in turn, further undermines security in different regions of the world. The West does not realize and does not want to accept these risks,” the embassy statement said.
Meanwhile, AMLO said during his daily press conference on Friday that Dresser should not have traveled to Ukraine because she was “polarizing and politicizing” and already- tense international conflict.

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