Navigating Mexico: Keeping Tabs on Your Health

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“So, how’s your health?”

That’s a pretty common question when getting together with relatives or those you haven’t seen in a while, especially as we get older. 

The standard noncommittal response is usually along the lines of “pretty good, a few minor aches and pains.”

But how do you really know how your health is?

Especially for men, who are the worst when it comes to going for regular physicals to a doctor. 

There is a crystal ball in Mexico. 

In the United States and many other countries, medical tests are ordered by, and the results are delivered to, a doctor. 

But in Mexico, it’s different. 

Individuals can go to the lab of their choice, order most of the tests they want and receive the results directly, sharing them, or not sharing them, as they wish. 

Blood work costs next to nothing for the basic battery of tests. 

In general, an electrocardiograph, which can run hundreds of dollars in the United States, is 110 pesos in Mexico.

This should be a yearly must for all seniors

Another important test for men, in addition to the prostrate check in the regular lab work, is the prostrate ultrasound. Again, hundreds of dollars in the United States but about 300pesos in Mexico. 

An annual mammogram for women runs about 500 to 1,200 pesos, and in October (Breast Cancer Month in Mexico), there are generally discounts.

In order to request lab work, a patient must enter all pertinent info online, select the location, date and time.

Paying in advance means a 10-percent discount. Other payment options exist for those without a credit card and there are discounts for seniors. 

Unless otherwise requested, the results are sent to the patient directly, but cannot be easily understood by lay people as they show the raw data of the tests performed.

Anything out of the ordinary can be brought to the attention of a physician for further analysis. 

While many of Mexico’s flaws are in the news every day, the affordable cost of healthcare seldom makes it to the headlines. 

Regular preventive tests can at licensed medical labs are a great and affordable way to keep tabs on your health in Mexico.

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