Take a Chance on Teatro de los Insurgentes’ Musical, Mamma Mia!

Photo: TicketMaster


With a repertoire of close to 100 original songs, it’s hard to not find at least one tune by Swedish supergroup Abba that “you can dance, you can jive” along to, and that’s exactly what the folks at Teatro del los Insurgentes are counting on with their current featured musical “Mamma Mia!”

Opened earlier this year, the Spanish-language production by an all-star cast of the West End musical originally written by British playwright Catherine Johnson -. has captivated its Mexican audiences with consistently sold-out shows.

The storyline follows mother-daughter duo Donna and Sophie, in the days leading up to Sophie’s wedding. Sophie, who has long desired to know who her father is, concocts a plan to bring three men from her mother’s past to the wedding in the hopes of identifying her father. Needless to say, Donna is less than thrilled by the surprise arrival of these gentlemen, and thus inevitable chaos ensues.

Playing the lead role of Donna, is Guadalajara-born actress and singer Lisset, who has previously received Mexico’s Palma de Oro award for her performances in musical theatre.

Starring in the lead male role as Sam is Mexico City-born actor Alejandro de la Madrid, who’s 27-year career trajectory spans theater, television and film, including portraying musical icon José José in the 60-episode Netflix series.

Aiming to offer spectators a more immersive experience, Teatro de los Insurgentes has outdone itself redesigning the stage and seating areas, allowing the audience to enjoy the show from Donna’s Taverna, complete with candlelit tables, blue-and-white furnishings reminiscent of the Mediterranean and waiters offering ouzo and mezze platters.

Of course there’s no guarantee you’ll be “having the time of your life,” but you will, without a doubt, be singing or clapping along to at least some of the partitions and performances, after all, “what would life be without a song or a dance?”

More information:

“Mamma Mia!” tickets can be purchased with Ticketmaster México or directly in front of the Teatro de los Insurgentes. Performances take place Thursday through Sunday and run about two and a half hours. Teatro de los Insurgentes is located on Avedida de los Insurgentes Sur 1587, in Mexico City’s San José Insurgentes.


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