Mexico City’s Zócalo Holds No Punches in World Record Quest

Photo: Google


Mexico City’s central plaza Zócalo has been the stage for large public concerts by names like Juan Gabriel, Sir Paul McCartney and Rosalía.

It has also housed the largest ice rink in the world, served as the backdrop for the largest nude photoshoot ever captured and, of course, it hosts Mexico’s annual Independence Day fête.

And now the Zócalo is gearing up for yet another record-breaking title, aiming to cinch a new Guinness World Record by hosting the largest public boxing class on Earth on Sunday, June 18.

This will not be the first time Mexico has taken this title.

In fact, last year 14,299 individuals came together to throw the winning punch, landing Mexico another entry in the famous record book.

If you’d like to practice your hook and bolo punches, it will be all fisticuffs at 8 a.m. Sunday.

Free registration can be done via the capital’s Instituto del Deporte website.

And if a record-breaking boxing class is not enough of an incentive to get you to roll out of bed early on a Sunday, the class will also feature an appearance by retired Mexican boxing champion Julio César Chávez, who holds the most world title wins with 37 prizes.

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