Explosive Attack in Jalisco Leaves Three Security Officers Dead

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On the night of Tuesday, July 11, the detonation of a lethal explosive device in Mexico’s Larios neighborhood of Tlajomulco de Zúñiga, Jalisco, resulted in the deaths of three elements from the Jalisco Prosecutor’s Office and the local Tlajomulco police force, an attack state Governor Enrique Alfaro has since claimed was perpetrated by the Jalisco New Generation Cartel (CNJG).

According to reports, the officers went to the area in a patrol car to investigate a tip about human remains in the area and purportedly tripped the planted explosive while driving over it, resulting in the deaths of three security officials and injuries to 10 others, including two minors.

“This is an unprecedented event that shows what these organized crime groups are capable of,” Alfaro, who was visiting the National Palace in Mexico City at the time of the attack, wrote on social media. “This attack also represents a challenge against the Mexican state as a whole.”

Alfaro went on to note that the Jalisco Security Cabinet is now in permanent session to address the violence in the state while the Jalisco Prosecutor’s Office continues to carry out its investigation into the deadly incident.

Sources told daily Mexican newspaper Reforma that the explosion was the CJNG’s retribution against the local police force’s recent operations in Tlajomulco, which is widely known to be under the CNJG’s control. 

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