Mexican Designer to Step onto World Stage in Milan

Photo: Jasive Fernández


Mexican fashion designer Jasive Fernández is due to make a dramatic entry onto the world stage with her latest collection — suitably called Drama — at the Milan Fashion Week on Saturday, Sept. 23.

Working in collaboration with Mexican atelier Cuadra and jewelry designer Enrique García, with the backing of MM México Moda and Japanese luxury carmaker Lexus, Fernández will showcase the vibrant collection, inspired by the richness of feminine emotions and exploring the contrasts between darkness and light, passion and calm, creating an intriguing mosaic of expressions and sensations.

Infused with daring combinations of black and white, along with bold shades of green, red and gold interwoven with lace, embroidery and raw silks, Drama centers around contrasting fabrics and textures with a distinctive element of aristocracy and sophistication.

Fernández, who is also a partner and international director of the Spanish brand Niza, first developed her own line of clothing during the pandemic.

She is also scheduled to present her collection at the Mexican Pavilion at Expo Dubai in October.

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