AMLO Marks National Day with Russian Presence in Military Parade

Photo: Google


Courting the immediate reproach from Ukrainian Ambassador Oksana Dramaretska and many others, Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador (AMLO) oversaw the country’s Independence Day military parade on Saturday, Sept. 16, with the unexpected participation of a contingence from the Russian and Nicaraguan armies.

A year and a half after the illegal invasion of her country by Russian troops, Dramaretska called the shocking Russian presence a “stain” on Mexico’s national day celebration, noting that the Russian military “war criminals’ boots and hands are stained with blood.”

“How coherent is López Obrador’s policy of neutrality and his condemnation of the aggression against my country?” Dramaretska wrote in her X account.

AMLO was also harshly criticized on social networks for the presence of delegations from Nicaragua, China, Cuba and El Salvador.

“He did not invite the representatives of Mexico’s legislative and judicial powers, but he did invite the military from authoritarian governments,” noted opposition presidential candidate Xochitl Gálvez.

“He already made it clear that his friends are the dictators, not the democrats.”

Senators from the opposition Plural Group also reprimanded AMLO for having invited military personnel from Russia and Nicaragua.

“The Zócalo of all Mexicans was stained with blood today, because representatives of the Russian criminal invasion of Ukraine, and of Nicaraguan despotism, thief of homes and universities, paraded,” the group said in a written statement.

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