AMLO Follows INE Orders, with a Twist

Photo: Google


During his daily press conference on the morning of Monday, Sept. 25, Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador (AMLO) complied with the National Electoral Institute’s (INE) orders to publish a message about constitutionally established propaganda limits before the start of his conference – with his own additional message attached.

On Sept. 22, the INE’s Complaints Commission issued a precautionary measure for López Obrador to include text about the Mexican Constitution’s Article 134, which places prohibitions on public servants’ propaganda dissemination and interference on electoral matters, at the top of his daily conferences.

AMLO has notably violated this constitutional provision various times when speaking on the upcoming 2024 elections, his National Regeneration Movement’s (Morena) presidential candidate selection process and the political motivations of opposition parties.

While López Obrador followed through on the INE’s orders during Monday’s event, the Mexican federal executive included a postscript of his own making to the message directly addressed to the country’s conservative political factions.

“If you are conservative and are against the transformation of the country, because you want the privileges of the few to return, and for corruption, classicism, racism and discrimination to continue, we recommend that you do not see this program, because it may cause you psychological or emotional harm or affect the interests you defend,” read AMLO’s addition.

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