Israel, Mexico Agree to Establish Direct Flights

 Photo: El Al


Israel and Mexico have agreed to establish the first-ever direct flight routes connecting the two countries, Israeli Transport Minister Miri Regev announced in a statement Thursday, Oct. 6.

The agreement encompasses two flight routes: one from Tel Aviv, Israel, to Mexico City, the capital of Mexico, and the other to Cancun, a prominent resort city of Mexico.

The anticipated duration of these flights is approximately 13 to 14 hours each way, in contrast to the longer 16 to 24-hour journeys commonly associated with flights that involve layovers in Europe, the United States or Canada.

“The direct flights to Mexico will contribute to the Israeli economy, expand Israel’s connection to the world and reduce flight costs,” Regev said.

The agreement on these direct routes was reached during Regev’s official visit to Mexico last week, following discussions with his Mexican counterpart Jorge Nuno Lara.

Additionally, the two countries agreed to collaborate on smart transportation initiatives and address issues related to traffic accidents and road congestion.

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