Two Mexicans Taken Hostage by Hamas

Photo: Google


At least two Mexican citizens have been taken hostage by Hamas terrorists in the Palestinian territory of Gaza, Foreign Relations (SRE) Secretary Alicia Bárcena announced late Sunday, Oct. 8.

The unnamed hostages — a man and a woman — were taken by force by Hamas and Islamic Jihad militants along the Israeli border with the Gaza Strip one day earlier as part of a massive, unprovoked, unprecedented, multifront attack on Israel that caught the country off-guard on a major Jewish holiday.

“We are in contact with authorities in Israel and family members to provide follow-up, support and attention,” said Bárcena.

On Sunday, the Israeli government confirmed that Hamas has kidnapped at least 130 civilians and members of the military since the surprise attack that left more than 700 Israelis dead.

The state of health of the Mexican hostages is unknown, as is their current location, Bárcena said.

Late Sunday night, SRE reported that there were at least 500 Mexicans in Israel seeking Mexican government support to return home.

Early Monday, Oct. 9, SRE said that it would send an airplane to Tel Aviv to bring home Mexicans caught in the conflict.

The Mexican government has condemned the Hamas attacks, while the Mexican Embassy in Israel has asked its citizens to take extreme precautions.


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