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Dear Caroline,

I’m a man, 25 years old. I have always thought I’d get married and start a family, but dating is difficult.

My upbringing doesn’t help. My brother and I were raised by a single dad, I went to an all-boys school and then straight into the military. Frankly, I don’t understand women. I have always found them confusing and hard to relate to.


Dear Discouraged –

You don’t understand women? Go figure.

You’re sharing this planet with — roughly — 3 billion females over 18, and no two are alike.

While those odds may sound like terrible news on the surface, it’s actually great news because if you want a life partner, you don’t need to understand three billion+ women — you only need to understand one!

If you feel like finding that one is like searching for the proverbial needle in a haystack, you’re right. It is. But she’s out there.

Before you go on another date, do a little soul-searching and list the qualities in a life partner that matter most to you. Beyond appearance and sex appeal, you’ll need to find someone with a compatible personality and shared moral values, whose lifestyle and goals will blend with yours. What do those things mean specifically on your terms?

If you have to ask a lot of women out and go on a lot of dates, you’re not alone. That’s generally the way it works.

When you find someone you think is worth a second or third date, focus on conversation, ask questions in a laid-back manner, and pay close attention to her answers. In other words, understanding her, and only her, as the unique individual she is.

You’ll know soon enough if she has possibilities. So please don’t feel discouraged.

Again, not only is the right person out there, but she’s looking for you, too!

Stay the course!


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