Chana’s Corner

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for the congratulatory email
that coveted card — get out of jail
a lifting of the proverbial veil
the docking of ship that set sail

for the planted seeds to sprout
the abolishment of doubt
a harmonious song, no shout
and sunny smile, not pout

for birthday cake to bake
insight borne from mistake
biting of trout in the lake
goodness for goodness sake

But life doesn’t rhyme
as per my observation
full of twists and turns
dynamic is creation

Colorful and multifaceted
is the every day
and I wouldn’t have it
any other way.

Originally from New York City but currently living in Toronto, Canada, CHANA PERMAN is a Jewish poet, mother and learning-strategies instructor. She holds a master’s degree in special education, and has worked in that field for 25 years. Her cherished roles as mother, teacher and guidance consultant provide inspiration and material for her writing, both prose and poetry.

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