Category 5 Hurricane Otis Devastates Acapulco

Photo: Google


Hurricane Otis, the Category 5 hurricane that swept through the coastal Mexican town of Acapulco early in the morning of Wednesday, Oct. 26, reportedly left 27 dead and four people missing in its wake.

The devastating storm’s 260 kilometers per hour winds brought down some of Acapulco’s main power lines, leaving 500,000-plus people without internet or power for hours – including the state government, which subsequently was out of communication with the Mexican federal government during and immediately after Otis’s impact. 

According to the governor of the state of Guerrero Evelyn Salgado, more than 80% of the resort town’s hotels were affected by the storm. 

Salgado went on to say that the Guerrero state government would help evacuate tourists from the area, free of charge.

However, the Acapulco International Airport remains closed indefinitely following damage done to the facility by Otis.

Likewise, the Autopista del Sol – the main highway connecting Acapulco to México City – was temporarily out of service after landslides blocked the road. 

Approximately 2,000 elements from the Secretariat of the Navy (Semar) were deployed by the federal government to help impacted communities and provide resources to locals.

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