CFE Strikes Deal with Elon Musk to Provide Starlink Internet to Mexico

Starlink satellites. Photo: Google


Mexico’s state-owned electricity company the Federal Electricity Commission (CFE) reportedly struck multiple deals with billionaire Elon Musk’s satellite internet company Starlink through the Telecommunications and Internet for All (TEIT) initiative, government documents revealed Tuesday.

According to filings, Starlink received two contracts – without competition – ranging between 1.93 billion pesos and 3.86 billion pesos.

One contract, which is set to run from the contract’s formal approval until Dec. 2026, concentrates on providing internet and telecommunications services to Mexicans in suburban and rural areas without reliable internet service.

The other contract will task Starlink with giving “low orbit satellite connectivity service and its associated equipment to provide internet in various public points of priority attention within the Mexican Republic in rural communities.”

While the deals were set to be signed in October, it remains unknown at the time if they’ve been formalized yet.

The new deal with the CFE marks yet another venture of Musk’s into Mexico after the billionaire invested a reported $5 billion into a gigafactory for electric vehicle brand Tesla in Nuevo León.


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