Ebrard Confirms Decision to Stay with Morena

Former Mexican Secretary of Foreign Affairs Marcelo Ebrard. Photo: Google


Shortly after the National Regeneration Movement (Morena) Honesty and Justice Commission confirmed the legitimacy of Claudia Sheinbaum’s selection as Morena’s presidential candidate in Mexico’s upcoming 2024 elections, former Secretary of Foreign Affairs and one-time presidential hopeful Marcelo Ebrard confirmed his decision to remain a member of Morena moving forward.

“I understand this as the beginning of a decisive step in understanding with Claudia,” said Ebrard, who came second in the vote for Morena’s presidential candidate. “If we are the second force in Morena we must be treated as such. The people who voted deserve our loyalty and respect. I offered them the next level of the Fourth Transformation and I am not going to back down. I am not going to change my convictions, nor am I going to change parties , nor am I going to stop fighting for what I believe in.”

“I am deeply grateful to those – if any – in other political parties, such as the Citizen Movement, who expressed good things about me, I respect that, I wish them well. But I am a member of this Fourth Transformation,” continued the former Secretary of Foreign Affairs.

Ebrard went on to mention that he had met with Sheinbaum on multiple occasions to discuss the Honesty and Justice Commission’s decision and Sheinbaum’s ideas as Morena’s candidate.

However, despite losing the candidacy to Sheinbaum, Ebrard made sure to note he would not stop aspiring to win the post of federal executive in Mexico’s future elections.

For her part, Sheinbaum celebrated Ebrard’s choice to remain with Morena, saying that “I am glad that Marcelo Ebrard and his team have decided to stay in Morena. In building unity, we must always put the principles, causes and desires of the people of Mexico above all else.”

“In our movement we need everyone who wants to continue building a fair, free and democratic Mexico,” continued Morena’s 2024 presidential candidate.

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