Acapulco Residents Received More Help from Society than Government Post-Otis

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According to a new survey conducted by daily Mexican newspaper El Financiero, the majority of Acapulco residents reported receiving more support from society than from the Mexican federal government throughout the resort city’s recovery from the devastating Hurricane Otis.

The news comes days after the Mexican federal government decided against sending emergency resources to the storm-battered Guerrero town during its approval of the 2024 Expenditure Budget of the Federation on Nov. 10.

The survey revealed that 71 percent of Acapulco residents received support from societal organizations or individuals, 71 percent from the local state government and just 62 percent from the federal government.

Likewise, the survey demonstrated that 91 percent of Acapulco’s residents were affected materially and personally by the impact of Hurricane Otis and that 61 percent of residents were experiencing significant emotional and psychological effects following the storm.

The majority of Acapulco residents signaled that their greatest needs at the moment are food, water, groceries, construction materials, electricity and medications.

However, despite the fact that society has purportedly helped Acapulco at a greater rate than the federal government, Acapulco residents still rated the response of the administration of Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador (AMLO) to the incident positively; 60 percent of residents rated the prevention measures of the AMLO administration favorably, while another 69 percent said its post-Otis response.

Meanwhile, the national response to the federal government’s pre-disaster prevention measures sits at 36 percent while its post-Otis response was surveyed at 45 percent.

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