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The President’s Salary

OPINION By ALEJANDRO ENVILA FISHER Since Andrés Manuel López Obrador (AMLO) took office three years ago, no government official in Mexico, be it fe3deral, state or municipal, nor member of any autonomous bodies or the country’s federal judicial powers, is allowed to have a salary higher than — or even equal to — that of the president. However, since a

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Striking Workers Causes Chamber of Deputies to Flee

By KELIN DILLON After striking union workers reached the front steps of Mexico’s Chamber of Deputies on Tuesday, Dec. 14, legislators suspended their in-progress session and fled the scene as the workers attempted to enter the plenary hall. The dissenting laborers were acting in protest of the administration of the Chamber of Deputies’ Dec. 13 decision to remove income tax

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5,000 Migrants Enter Mexico Legally

By THE PULSE NEWS MEXICO STAFF     In a sharp contrast to previous migrant caravans, the latest group of Central American immigrants that entered into Mexico has done so in a legal and orderly manner. Between Saturday, Jan. 19, and Tuesday, Jan. 22, nearly 5,000 Hondurans, Guatemalan and Salvadorian migrants entered the country from Guatemala at Ciudad Hidalgo, Chiapas, and formally

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