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Mim Shoes Get a Running Start on Sales in Mexico

By THÉRÈSE MARGOLIS After a few unforeseen delays, the Spanish startup footwear fashion brand Mim finally expanded into Mexico this month with a dramatic boots, office and casualwear collection and a much-anticipated presence in the Mexican high-end department store Liverpool. As of Tuesday, Nov. 8, Mim, which was founded in 2015 and is now a subsidiary of the exclusive Scalpers

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Trending Beauty (What’s New, What Works)

Fashion Is All About YOU! By THÉRÈSE MARGOLIS     Sometimes it seems that fashion and makeup styles are designed to force us conform to other people’s standards of beauty and chic. Keeping up with the latest fashion trends can be exhausting (not to mention expensive), and a particular current style may not always the most flattering (or comfortable) for your individual

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