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After a few unforeseen delays, the Spanish startup footwear fashion brand Mim finally expanded into Mexico this month with a dramatic boots, office and casualwear collection and a much-anticipated presence in the Mexican high-end department store Liverpool.

As of Tuesday, Nov. 8, Mim, which was founded in 2015 and is now a subsidiary of the exclusive Scalpers group, has launched sales throughout Latin America with openings in both Mexico and Chile, while continuing to expand its base market in Europe, estimated to register sales of more than 15 million euros in 2023.

The company closed the 2021 financial year with sales of 3.1 million euros, which represented a 41 percent increase in its turnover compared to pre-pandemic sales. In 2022, its objective is to register a turnover of between 7 and 8 million euros.

Mim Shoes, sold mostly through its online distribution centers and at 150 Scalpers stores across Spain, is geared to a younger, more independent market, and offers extra support for women with wide feet or weight issues.

Founded by Carlos Montojo and his girlfriend Sofía Vega-Penichet with the idea of offering stylish and affordable shoes for plus-size women, who are often ignored by traditional designers, Mim shoes do not compromise on design or comfort.

The brand’s first season was an overwhelming success in Spain, and, over the years, Mim Shoes has been consolidating as one of the most important footwear brands in the Iberian Peninsula.

Today, Mim Shoes has become one of the most-sought-after brands in Europe, particularly among active 20- and 30-year-olds.

With wide, sturdy supportive heels and chic comfort-conscious soles, the shoes are particularly suitable for daylong wear and incorporate the latest footwear fashion trends.

“Our mission is to create shoes that empower women and take them one step further,” the couple said in a press statement.

“This is where our modernity lies, which will always be relevant. In our workshops, we create versatile and comfortable designs with a minimalist and extravagant aesthetic at the same time.”

Mim Shoes are now available in Mexico at Liverpool and on the brand’s webpage,, and starting on Sunday, Nov. 13, the company will be raffling off more than 50 pairs of shoes as a promotion.


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