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Thieves Steal Water in Nuevo León amid Worsening Drought

By MARK LORENZANA As an extreme drought grips Nuevo León, a state in the northeast region of Mexico — making water increasingly scarce — thieves have resorted to illegally tapping the biggest water reservoir in the state, El Cuchillo Dam. The water crisis in Nuevo León has worsened in the last six months that its state government, headed by Governor Samuel García, has

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Drought in Mexico Worsens as AMLO Ignores Climate Change

By THÉRÈSE MARGOLIS A long-term drought has struck more than two-thirds of Mexico’s farmlands, and environmentalists are warning that the situation is only going to get worse in the weeks ahead due to soaring temperatures, severe crop damage and impending water supply shortages. But as experts desperately try to sound the alarm that climate change is already taking a toll

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Hailstorm Falls on Mexico City, Collapsing Templo Mayor’s Roof

By KELIN DILLON A giant rain and hailstorm fell in the Mexico City metropolitan area late in the evening of Wednesday, April 28, bringing a much-needed surge of water to the drought-ridden capital. The weather event felled several trees across the city, and saw flooding on the high-traffic streets of Alencastre and Periférico, as well as in the municipalities of

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Mexico: A Nation in Drought

By THE PULSE NEWS MEXICO STAFF Mexico is now facing its worst drought in over 30 years. Currently, about 85 percent of the country’s national territory is experiencing drought conditions, according to the National Water Commission (Conagua). As a result, the country’s lakes and dams are drying up, including the second-largest body of freshwater in the country, Cuitzeo Lake in

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