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Woldenberg, the Democrat

By ENRIQUE KRAUZE Without having dealt with him closely, without actually having been his friend, I feel a distant brotherhood with political scientist José Woldenberg, who served as the first president of Mexico’s Federal Electoral Institute (IFE). Our initial trajectories were different. I belong to the generation of 1968 and I leaned toward liberalism early on. He belongs to the

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Putin’s Incomprehensible Admirers

OPINION By ENRIQUE KRAUZE A nuclear power invades a small, sovereign nation. The world is witness to this unjust war, minute-by-minute, image-after-image: relentless bombardments against the civilian population, harrowing testimonies, mass exoduses, scenes of indescribable pain. That alone should arouse unanimous repudiation of the aggressor and unrestricted support for the victim. But that is not the case. A current of

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AMLO’s Latest Ballistic Missile Is Aimed at Education

OPINION By ALEJANDRO ENVILA FISHER After a resounding failure to pass his controversial electricity reform bill in the April 17 vote at the Chamber of Deputies, Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador (AMLO) and his leftist, in-power National Regeneration Movement (Morena) party have set their aim on yet another target: the opposition. That campaign is gaining traction by Morena further

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