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The View from the North: Why Latinas Are Driving the Left Crazy

By SILVIO CANTO, JR. As you may, ultra-Democrat George Soros, founder and head of the Open Societies Foundations, has been grabbing headlines in south Florida. As reported in the Independent Journalist Review (IJR), he and his liberal friends have decided to adapt an if-you-can’t-beat-them-buy-them approach to fighting off a growing Republican wave. “It’s safe to say that Democrats have noticed

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Latino Women Taking Lead in US Economic Recovery

By THE PULSE NEWS MEXICVO STAFF The growing momentum of Latinas in the United States shows that these women will play a decisive role in the U.S. economic recovery, said Angélica Fuentes Téllez, one of Mexico’s wealthiest and most powerful women, in a recent interview with the Publifix news service. Fuentes Téllez, who, along with her ex-husband Jorge Vergara, is

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