The View from the North: Why Latinas Are Driving the Left Crazy

Texas Republican Mayra Flores. Photo: Time of Info


As you may, ultra-Democrat George Soros, founder and head of the Open Societies Foundations, has been grabbing headlines in south Florida.

As reported in the Independent Journalist Review (IJR), he and his liberal friends have decided to adapt an if-you-can’t-beat-them-buy-them approach to fighting off a growing Republican wave.

“It’s safe to say that Democrats have noticed the recent exodus of large numbers of Hispanic voters from their party. Because they know that in a close election, a one- or two-point shift in the minority vote could sway the outcome of the race, panicked party leaders are looking for ways to stop the bleeding,” wrote IJR columnist Elizabeth Stauffer.

“Master of the universe Soros, who understands the significance of politics at the local level, has backed a group that plans to purchase 18 conservative Hispanic radio stations for $60 million later this year, according to Fox News. The deal is currently awaiting approval from the Federal Communication Commission.”

Stauffer went on to note that, according to the Fox report, Lakestar Finance, an investment company tied to Soros Fund Management, has already “partially funded” the Latino Media Network, a new grid “controlled by staunch Democrat supporters,” including a former Barack Obama staffer and Hillary Clinton campaign employee.

Notwithstanding, Stauffer pointed out that “it’s not going to be quite as easy as they’d likely anticipated” for Democrats to sway the conservative Latino vote.

“Among the stations included in the deal is Radio Mambi, an anti-communist station in Miami. Its star host, conservative Lourdes Ubieta, has walked out the door, and there are signs that others will follow,” she said.

Ubieta is moving to Americano Media, a SiriusXM radio network that offers a conservative perspective in Spanish.

In an interview, Ubieta expressed her anger at the move to try to silence Radio Mambi.

“Mambi is an iconic signal for the Cuban exile community and is the biggest fighter against communism in South Florida. Mambi represents the pain of the Cuban community, Venezuelan community, Nicaraguan community, and we are their voice,” she said.

Ubieta went on to say, “This is about control and about politics.”

“They’re trying to silence the conservatives’ voices, especially in Spanish,” she said.

All of this comes just a month after Republican Mayra Flores of Texas became the first Mexican-born woman to be sworn into the U.S. Congress after winning a special election in Texas’ 34th Congressional District to fill the seat vacated of a former Democratic, and a few days after the New York Times (NYT) called Flores a “rightwing, reactionary Latina.”

The NYT portrayed Flores as “an extremist,” but the young congresswoman pointed out that she is pro-God, pro-family, pro-life, pro-America, pro-entrepreneurship and pro-capitalism and that her goal is to bring down crime and control at the southern border, all values shared by the majority of the Texas Latino community.

Vargas explained that the response from the NYT and the extremist Democrats was the result of their globalist agenda and their ‘woke’ mentality.

“For the Latinas, we are awake, you know, not ‘woke.’ For us, it is the love of our country because this is our country,” she said.

“My country is the United States of America. And I’m not going anywhere, and I’m not going to be silenced either.”

But the Democrats are panicking.

For years, they have grown accustomed to automatically expecting the Hispanic vote.

And that’s not happening this year, which is why they have resorted to calling a lot of people who don’t agree with them “rightwing.”

SILVIO CANTO, JR. is a Cuban-born U.S. citizen who teaches English at a north Texas college. He is the author of the book “Cubanos in Wisconsin” and has a daily online radio program and blog dealing with U.S. and Latin American politics, as well as sports and historic events, and is a regular contributor to American Thinker.

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