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Mexico Promotes Fossil Fuels as US Pushes for Clean Energy

By MARK LORENZANA Mexico will allocate 503 billion pesos this year in subsidies to gasoline and domestic electricity — produced with gas and coal — as a key element to combat inflation, Secretary of the Treasury Rogelio Ramírez de la O reported on Monday, Aug. 1. In contrast, the United States is about to embark on an ambitious anti-inflation plan

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The View from the North: Why Latinas Are Driving the Left Crazy

By SILVIO CANTO, JR. As you may, ultra-Democrat George Soros, founder and head of the Open Societies Foundations, has been grabbing headlines in south Florida. As reported in the Independent Journalist Review (IJR), he and his liberal friends have decided to adapt an if-you-can’t-beat-them-buy-them approach to fighting off a growing Republican wave. “It’s safe to say that Democrats have noticed

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US Border Town Braces for More Migrants as Partisan Fights Rage on

XINHUA HIDALGO, Texas — It’s a scene straight out of a “Mission: Impossible” episode: A helicopter hovers at low altitude above a roadside jungle while several officers search on foot along the bush edges with a dozen vehicles from multiple law enforcement agencies stopping by. But for people living in Hidalgo, a county near the U.S.-Mexico border with Texas, the

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