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In Search of a Stronger, More Unified North America

OPINION By ERIC FARNSWORTH and EARL ANTHONY WAYNE North America was trending in the midterm elections, although you may have missed it. Think about the top campaign issues in races across the country: economic recovery and job creation, inflation, the price of gasoline, immigration, border security, increasing crime and suffering in communities devastated by fentanyl and other drugs. With the

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The Tough Job of Unlocking the USMCA’s Full Potential

OPINION By JOHN BURZAWA, SOPHIE EGAR and EARL ANTHONY WAYNE Part of an ongoing series from the Wilson Center* The United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement (USMCA) provides continent-wide rules, norms and problem-solving processes that can help the three-member countries to continue the trade and coproduction system established under its predecessor, the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA). But if the USMCA is to

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Mexico Faces Historic Sanctions over Energy Policy

By KELIN DILLON According to former United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement (USMCA) negotiator Kenneth Smith, Mexico may face historic sanctions levied against it by the United States and Canada if the trio cannot reach an agreement on Mexican energy policy during its presently ongoing energy panel. These pending sanctions have the potential to be the highest penalties ever seen under the 20-plus-year history

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