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Mexican Soprano to Perform in Indigenous Mixe Opera

By THE PULSE NEWS MEXICO STAFF Mexican soprano singer María Reyna will offer an operatic concert dedicated to the indigenous Mixe people, who live in the eastern highlands of the central state of Oaxaca, in a one-night performance at the National Center for the Arts (Cenart) on Saturday, May 21. The concert, titled “Orgullosa Soy Raíz” (“I am Proud of

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Chinese Technology Kicks into High Gear Across Latin America

XINHUA “I was surprised by the service,” Chilean Cristóbal Velásquez recently said about the Chinese ride-hailing app Didi, which in a short time has gained a firm foothold in Latin America. “While it’s a relatively new app (here), it has spread quickly in Santiago and throughout the whole country,” offering a “safe and economical” alternative to standard ride-sharing services, Velásquez

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After Turbulent 2019, Leftists Foresee Stable, Prosperous 2020 for LatAm

XINHUA There’s no denying that  2019 was a turbulent one for Latin America, with protests, violent clashes and a fierce tug of war between conservative and progressive currents in countries long considered bastions of stability. But as the region staggers into 2020 with stagnant or even shrinking growth, many liberal observers are hoping that the first year of this new

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